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Nancy Smith (left), Service Director; Tammy Larragoitiy, Training Director (back/middle); Dijon Turner, Program Manager

Independent Life Care Services, Inc. (ILCS) is a California corporation, founded in April 2007. In 2008, Independent Life Care Services, Inc. was approved to be a Vendor (PM1159) for Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC) to provide Supported Living Services (SLS) to individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Since then, Independent Life Care Services, Inc. has expanded services to include Senior Home Care Services, Housing Consultant Services and is in the vendor process to provide Independent Living Services (ILS) as well.

Independent Life Care Services, Inc. is growing at a time when others are experiencing state budget cuts and local agency budget reductions. That is because of the prevailing company spirit of "what we can do, we shall do!". Finding creative and efficient ways to support people to be as independent as possible is a necessity ILCS is honing to an art!

Company Directors:

Service Director - Nancy Smith
Program Manager - Dijon Turner
Training Director - Tammy Larragoitiy

Office Mailing Address:
14241 E. Firestone Blvd., Ste.
400 La Mirada, CA 90638



Independent Life Care Services, Inc. assists individuals with maximizing opportunities and choices for living, working, learning and recreation in their communities. Independent Life Care Services, Inc. is dedicated to delivering quality services, which stress human dignity, humane care and individual choice to enable the individual to live as independently as possible.

The purpose and goals of Independent Life Care Services, Inc., is to enhance the quality of an individual's life, promote their independence, strengthen their self-reliance, and increase their independence while protecting their safety and well-being.

Independent Life Care Services, Inc. believes that every person has a right to live as independently as possible, for as long as possible. All support services are delivered in a dignified and humane manner. All services are sensitive to individual preferences in accordance with the individual needs and wishes.



Independent Life Care Services, Inc. conducts a face to face interview with the consumer/client and family or others who wish to participate in the assessment process. During the assessment interview a detailed Life Skills Assessment is completed to learn about the consumer/client's needs and preferences. The assessment session can last from 1 - 3 hours. Once needed services are identified, a Service Task List and shift time schedule is designed based on the client/consumer's needs and preferences. In the case of a Regional Center (RC) consumer, an Individualized Service Plan is submitted to the Regional Center Service Coordinator for approval.

Once desired services are identified and a schedule is set, (and RC approved in the case of RC consumers), a Personal Attendant will come to the consumer's/clients home at the scheduled time to provide the services being requested in a friendly and professional manner.


What is a Personal Attendant?

The Personal Attendant is a critical component to providing quality and professional support services. A Personal Attendant is someone who works with a vulnerable person e.g. an elderly or disabled person, providing practical support to help them gain control and choice over their own lives, so that they can live as independently as possible. There is a wide variety of roles available under the title of Personal Attendant, as duties will depend on the care plan of the individual being cared for. ILCS recognizes the value and importance of our Personal Attendant staff and closely monitors their effectiveness and professionalism, ensures certifications (CPR/1st Aid is required to be maintained in order to work) are up-to-date and provides ongoing training to enhance their care giving skills.

ILCS hires competent Personal Attendants that have experience with care giving, whether in a professional or personal context. All Personal Attendant candidates must first submit a resume and complete an employment application before being interviewed. If acceptable, the interview will be scheduled and conducted. In the final hiring stage, the Personal Attendant candidate must undergo and pass a DOJ live-scan back ground check, a drug screen, TB test, and turn in a DMV driving record printout. ILCS receives electronic updates from the DOJ of any criminal charges an employee may be charged with during the time they are employed with our company. This intensive screening process results in netting the most qualified and trustworthy Personal Attendants in the industry.

Once hired, employees attend an Orientation and Direct Support Training Workshop to acclimate them to the industry, the company and the expectations and responsibilities that come with providing care and support services. On-going training with assigned household managers are provided through shadowing and consumer/client specific training and company sponsored training events to ensure our Personal Attendants are providing the highest quality of support services.


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